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On October 3rd of this year, I could say the following things: The Giants were about to begin the NL Division Series against Washington, and it had been more than eight years since Sleater-Kinney had gone on an indefinite hiatus.

Today, the Giants begin the World Series against Kansas City, and Sleater-Kinney has ended their hiatus.

On September 26, I wrote the following about Sleater-Kinney: “And then they went on ‘hiatus’ … that was in 2006, and I just about cry every time I think of it. By that point, I was 53 years old, and this time I was sure of it, I would never love another new act the way I loved Sleater-Kinney. ‘One More Hour’ was the last song they ever played together … ‘i know it's hard for you to let it go, i know it's hard for you to say goodbye, i know you need a little more time’.”

Here is what the Giants did in 2012:

And here’s what Sleater-Kinney has been up to of late:


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