never again
by request: man bites dog (rémy belvaux, andré bonzel and benoît poelvoorde, 1992)

happy birthday, robin!

My wife turns 61 today. Since I was born in June, there are a few months each year where I am “older” than her, and I’m always glad when she can’t hold that over my head until the next June.

I was wondering why it gets harder over time to pick presents for each other. The first Robin’s Birthday we celebrated was in 1968. I don’t recall what I got her, but I remember she decorated a cake with a picture of a fly. I think we might have gone to a football game. I’m sure we spent a lot of time making out … she had just turned 15, after all!

She says it’s hard to pick presents because we don’t tend to give Big Stuff, and we also tend to buy Little Stuff for ourselves, which doesn’t leave much for birthdays. But the truth is, I think she once got me a present that we both know will never be topped, so we just bask in the glory of that one. Here is a picture of us after I’d opened it:


It looks like we’d plugged it in. Sometimes we wonder if neon signs in our house are legal.



Happy Birthday to your main squeeze!

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