revisit: smiles of a summer night (ingmar bergman, 1955)
music friday, 2001 edition

motown throwback

53 years ago today, Motown released what would be their first #1 single, “Please Mr. Postman” by The Marvelettes. The lead singer was Gladys Horton, and among the players in the Funk Brothers for the recording were the great James Jamerson on bass and Marvin Gaye on drums.

The Beatles were playing “Please Mr. Postman” early enough that it’s fun to imagine the record traveling across the Atlantic in 1961. It turned up on their second album, With the Beatles, in late 1963:

The Marvelettes’ version made an appearance in a great scene from Mean Streets:

And the Carpenters had a version … oops, out of time!



"I'm a mook? What's a mook?"

Steven Rubio

One of those lines that has become a family standard over the years. And, of course, Mean Streets was my 19th fave movie of all time.

Charlie Bertsch

All hail the Carpenters!

Simon Harding

I love Motown: so glad the musical is on in London now!
OK it is not the same as catching one of those 1960's tours but the closest I'm gonna get (although there is a Cali-R night at the local rugby club in July!

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