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catching up, part two

catch up

How did the World Cup impact my life? I went to one movie and one play and one baseball game, sent my regrets to a couple of invites, and watched 64 soccer matches. I also missed a lot of blog posting. Correction: this blog suffered, but I managed daily posts on my World Cup blog, some of which I’ll link to at the bottom of this one.

So, time for a quick TV catch up.

Emmys: Tatiana Maslany didn’t get nominated, so there’s nothing more to say.

The Bridge started Season Two. I gave Season One a B+, but in retrospect, I probably liked it more than that, and I’m glad to see it on the schedule again. This is a quickie catch up post, so nothing detailed, but if you haven’t seen it, Season One is a worthwhile streaming binge, and Season Two is off to a good start.

Rectify is back. Fittingly, I haven’t said anything about it yet … I never got around to writing much about Season One, either. It is a much better show than that suggests, and I promise to write about the S2 finale, at least. In the meantime, with the caveat that it is among the slowest-moving series ever, I highly recommend it.

Longmire keeps rolling along. I guess everyone should have one series that harks back to earlier TV times. This is a solid show that tends to pile up on the DVR. But I’m never given up on it.

I haven’t said anything yet about The Leftovers, an intriguing show but one that I think needs a few episodes to sink in. I’ll get to it eventually.

Lots of new stuff began last night, which we postponed so my wife could go to bed. Season Two of Masters of Sex is reported to be excellent, while The Strain is getting mixed reviews, not on quality issues (most reviews are positive enough) but on the seeming lack of importance. It’s supposed to be a “good summer show”. Looking forward to this one.

OK, life is back to some approximation of normal. For those of you who ignored my World Cup blog, here are a few highlights:

June 25, “Greece

July 1, “Belgium-United States

July 2, “Names

July 4, “Quarterfinals, Day One

July 8, “Brazil-Germany” and “Aliens Land, Chaos Ensues

July 10, “National Stereotypes

July 11, “Has the World Cup Been That Good?

July 13, “Germany-Argentina


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