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so that's where those streams are coming from

I wanted to watch the San Jose Earthquakes take on Toluca in the CONCACAF Champion’s League last night. We have Comcast, though, and Comcast, in our area at least, does not carry any of the networks that were showing the game. So I did what most U.S. soccer fans did back in the dark ages before soccer took over our televisions: I hunted down an illegal stream and watched the game on the computer.

At halftime, I had to go out for a bit, but since the match went into extra time, I was back in time to watch the last 30 minutes. I went to the site with the links to the various streams, and chose one, but the connection didn’t work. No problem, there were other choices, and it’s common to lose the stream, anyway.

Except I noticed an explanatory note on the screen to explain why the match was unavailable. The Slingbox wasn’t working.

Understand, it didn’t mean my Slingbox … that’s not even connected. It meant that someone else’s Slingbox was offline for some reason.

Now, I don’t pretend to understand the technical aspects of this stuff, and I’m sure someone will point out how mistaken I am. But when I read that, all I could think of was that across the country, soccer fans were relying on some generous person using their Slingbox to send the signal our way.

BTW, he wasn’t offside. (Thanks to Ryan Rosenblatt, who I think was first to post this.)

gordon not offside