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blu-ray series #8: akira (katsuhiro ohtomo, 1988)

music friday, 2000 edition

Eminem, “Stan”. Hard to imagine shuffle play will toss up anything better than this.

Madonna, “Don’t Tell Me”. My theory of the career trajectories of rock stars has as an addendum that the greatest artists will almost always crank out another classic after their prime. Madonna was 42 when this was released. The stop-and-go guitar riff is great.

OutKast, “So Fresh, So Clean”. Wouldn’t be 2000 without something from Stankonia.

Coldplay, “Yellow”. Do you suppose he ever got the crowd to sing along? Two years later.

Sleater-Kinney, “You’re No Rock n’ Roll Fun”. I read an interview this week with Carrie that was all about Portlandia. They referred to Wild Flag as “her now former band”, which I suppose is another way of telling us S-K diehards to get a life. The words “Sleater-Kinney” did not appear anywhere in the interview, although it was included amongst the “topics” tags.

Dr. Dre, “The Next Episode”. In honor of Barry Bonds returning to the Giants in Spring Training, here’s one of his best walk-up tunes.

Baha Men, “Who Let the Dogs Out? As long as we’re thinking about 2000 sporting events. (Go ahead, click the link and listen … you know you want to.)

Lou Reed, “Like a Possum”. Better than “Metal Machine Music”.

Amy Rigby, “Wait Til I Get You Home”. Should be a much bigger star.

Pink, Can’t Take Me Home. Where it started.