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beats music, part two

My free trial period has finished, and I decided not to sign up for the monthly pay version. There is much to like about Beats Music, and I can imagine it appealing to Pandora users willing to spend just a little more time with the software. But I only use Pandora for my wife … I’ve carefully created a station for her that is almost 100% accurate in playing only music she likes or would like. My own listening via Spotify, though, is much more compulsively constructed, and Beats can’t do what I want.

The primary problem with Beats (for me) is that it does not allow the integration of my own music. It is intended for mobile use. It works well, given that limitation, and most people probably don’t consider it a limitation anyway. But I use Spotify largely from my computer, where my obsessively built playlists combine Spotify’s music with my own (i.e., the Beatles). Most listeners are uninterested in creating playlists, or they want to have their playlists concocted by the software based on some general information. Again, this is how most people listen, and I wouldn’t count Beats out … they could indeed become the next Pandora. But Spotify still gets my listening.