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music friday, 2009 edition

I wonder if 2009 is when I finally fell off the cliff into old-guy territory. I’m looking at a playlist of songs from that year, and I see very little that I even recognize. “Empire State of Mind” and … well, not enough to create a top ten list, unless I just wanted to post some good songs without any commentary.

So I’ll go instead with a Fred Eaglesmith song from Miranda Lambert’s third album, Revolution. I don’t pay enough attention to country music to know if Revolution is a good album, but I’ve liked many of Lambert’s songs, especially “Kerosene”. This one is “Time to Get a Gun”:

Time to get a gun
That’s what I’ve been thinking
I could afford one
If I did just a little less drinking
Time to put something
Between me and the sun
When the talking is over
It’s time to get a gun

Here’s a video:

Here’s Fred Eaglesmith:

And what the heck, “Empire State of Mind”: