sons of anarchy, season six finale
candidate for binge-watching: dancing on the edge

music friday: led zeppelin edition

Spotify has grabbed the Led Zeppelin collection, and I’ve seen a lot of their songs turn up on my Facebook friends list of “listened to X on Spotify”. So, since I’ve been sick all week and don’t have the energy to be creative, why not have a Led Zep Friday?

Babe I’m Gonna Leave You”. Pink did a good version of this on her Funhouse tour.

Communication Breakdown”. Probably my favorite song on the first album when it came out in 1969.

Whole Lotta Love”. I was never as big a fan of Led Zep II as others were.

Immigrant Song”. I always think of Led Zep III as a favorite, but what I really mean is …

Since I’ve Been Loving You”. This song is a favorite, probably my favorite of their songs from the “early” period. According to Wikipedia, “One story mentions Jimmy Page taking a break following a series of failed attempts to track the solo. Seemingly unable to get the tone he was craving, he set about a walk around the studio to clear his mind. Sitting outside of the recording area was an unplugged amplifier, which he utilised, and recorded the solo we hear today on the next take. Audio engineer Terry Manning called it ‘The best rock guitar solo of all time.’”

When the Levee Breaks”. I know I should stick “Stairway to Heaven” here, but no one would click on it.

Over the Hills and Far Away”. I’m not including enough of their acoustic sides, although this one doesn’t exactly qualify.

Trampled Under Foot”. Physical Graffiti gets my vote for best Led Zep album, even given the bloated nature of its “double-record” nature. And this song, combined with the one that follows it, makes for a pretty wonderful one-two.

Kashmir”. The ultimate Led Zeppelin song, “Stairway to Heaven” included.

Nobody’s Fault But Mine.”


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