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music friday, 1953-2013 edition

I turned 60 this year. To “celebrate” that fact, here is a selection of tunes from those years. The idea is to demonstrate some kind of change, but I’m guessing it’ll just be seven unrelated songs.

  • 1953: The Orioles, “Crying in the Chapel”. This sounds like the beginnings of doo-wop. It was a cover of a country hit from earlier in the year.
  • 1963: The Kingsmen, “Louie Louie”. According to Wikipedia, “’Louie Louie’ is the world's most recorded rock song with over 1,600 versions and counting”.
  • 1973: Ann Peebles, “I Can’t Stand the Rain”. The greatest female artist on Hi Records (if the label doesn’t ring a bell, think Al Green).
  • 1983: New Order, “Blue Monday”. AllMusic says this is “Still the best-selling 12" single of all time”. My favorite synth band, and the only one of these acts I’ve seen live.
  • 1993: PJ Harvey, “Rid of Me”. I should probably be prevented from ever posting this song again, after I used a bunch of versions to fill an entire Music Friday awhile back, which was met by complete silence. On the other hand, there’s “Matt Darbs”, who wrote in the comments section of this video, “Do you know why this has 2 million views? Because 1 million of them are mine!”
  • 2003: OutKast, “Hey Ya! What does it say about the passage of time that the video drew its inspiration from The Beatles’ first appearance on Ed Sullivan in 1964? It has more than 43 million views as of this writing.
  • 2013: Natalie Maines, “Take It on Faith”. From crying in the chapel to taking it on faith, in 60 short years.



I like this. It got me thinking how many different ways your 60 years could be musically represented.

Steven Rubio

Agreed. I could have been even more random than I was, or I could have specifically chosen songs to make a point about evolving genres, or just picked my favorite song from each year. A different story would be told, each time I switched the songs.

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