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sons of anarchy, season six premiere

I clearly find Sons of Anarchy not only entertaining, but interesting, as I have written about it for several seasons now:

Season One: B for pilot, B for season.

Season Two: A for season.

Season Three: B+ for season.

Season Four: A- for season, B- for finale.

Season Five: A- for season and finale.

It is just as clear that I think it has settled in at a pretty high level, after a slow start and a terrific second season. So perhaps it is a good thing that the Season Six premiere felt like more of the same. There are the gang shenanigans, the extreme violence, the Shakespearean family drama, and Otto (played by creator Kurt Sutter) suffering from still more degradation.

But, as I have argued before, once a series gets our hopes up, it has to work to keep us around. There are “Grade: B” series that I stuck with for season after season, partly because my expectations were low. I don’t cut Sons of Anarchy much slack, because it’s too good to simply rest on its laurels.

And after one episode, I can’t tell if it’s more of the same in a good way, or more of the same in a resting on its laurels way.

One thing is certain: not many great shows are still great, six seasons down the line. So far, Sutter deserves credit for keeping our attention while still giving us a solid show. I won’t be giving the season premiere a grade, because what I think of it will be changed based on how the season plays out. But it was pretty good.


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