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carolyn cassady, 1923-2013

Back in 2008, on the 40th anniversary of the death of Neal Cassady, I wrote an email to Carolyn Cassady, which ended:

As I think back on your Neal today, and remember that he was a mythological character to us but a husband and father to you ... I know that the ongoing inspiration comes not only from the myths of the past, but also from the people who live in the here and now. As we continue on our life's path, we draw inspiration from many sources, the myths and the people behind the myths. Thank you for allowing your life to be a part of our myth. Thank you for showing us the life behind the myth.

She replied to that email, thanking me for “a very kind and generous sentiment”. I assure you, her reply is something I will always treasure.

Here is what may be her last interview:

Carolyn Cassady died last Friday.