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music friday: dale miller

Dale Miller died last Monday. Miller was a renowned fingerstyle guitarist, who recorded several albums for Kicking Mule Records in the 1970s, albums that have been re-released in more recent years. Among his other recordings was one that featured solo guitar versions of opera arias, and another that updated some of his most popular songs from the 70s.

The list of musicians Miller worked with over the years is impressive: U. Utah Phillips, Stefan Grossman, Elizabeth Cotton, John Renbourn, Tom Rush, Tracy Nelson, Mimi Fariña, Leon Redbone, Gatemouth Brown.

But it wasn’t just the music. Miller was a renaissance man. He worked with both the Peace Corps and Vista. He taught at Berlitz. He drove a cab. He co-owned a guitar store. He gave guitar lessons. He promoted concerts. He was online beginning in the mid-1980s. He wrote computer programs. He worked as a computer systems administrator. He served on the board of the Berkeley Path Wanderers Association.

And he was a Giants fan. I met Dale in 2000. The first ten years of the Giants’ new ballpark, he had season tickets directly behind my seat.

You can enjoy his music at his YouTube site.

This, from around 1980, is one of my favorites, because in it, Dale is on the legendary Al “Jazzbo” Collins’ radio show: