35 years ago today
friday random ten, 1969 edition

the first time i saw pink

Another quick one while I’m away.

It was at the Warfield, 11 years ago yesterday. It came at the end of her first headlining tour, in support of Missundaztood. There was none of the high-flying acrobatics we’re used to today. She sang her Janis Joplin medley, she sang “What’s Up?”, she sang the hits from her new album. I was impressed enough to go see her again the next time she came around. I wrote at the time:

The show had many highlights ... the funnest one came during "Respect," when Pink had the girls in the audience screaming "yeah!" every time she said "ladies" or "sistas" (she said she didn't want to leave the guys out, so she was going to offer us the chance to have the thrill of a lifetime for 3 minutes 20, the chance to be female ... we could scream, too) ... the oddest one for me came with the final song of the night, "Don't Let Me Get Me." This was the anthem all the girls had been waiting for, and seeing and hearing them sing along to this complex song was bizarre. What does it mean when a bunch of kids happily shout out "I wanna be somebody else"? The closest thing I can think of is when the audience would sing along with Johnny Rotten's "No Future!" ... as if in the act of proclaiming our nihilism, we were expressing our love of life. Except I don't ever remember wanting to be Johnny Rotten, while I think a lot of people in that audience would have been happy if the "somebody else" they got to be was in fact the woman who introduced those words to us in the first place: Pink.

Here’s a video from 2002: