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raise the roof

The new roof is done, and it only took three days. The folks at Wonderlin Roofing Systems were terrific from start to finish. Yes, we had a problem because in our stupidity it didn’t occur to me that the removal of the old roof, combined with the absence of a ceiling in the attic, would result in some rough moments. But that was Monday … this is Wednesday. Yesterday they laid down the plywood, today they did the shingles. They also installed a few vents, and replaced our old fan. All in three days. It looks terrific … it’s all ready for the solar panels. Once again, I get to recommend a company that did right by us in every way. If you’re reading this and ever need roofing work done, check out Wonderlin.

Here are a couple of pictures … don’t really show much, but better than nothing. Here’s a picture of the house back when we painted it a few years ago:

new paint one

You can see some of the wear and tear on the roof. Here’s what it looks like now:

new roof