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life sucks when you don't have a roof

We're having solar panels installed, and the first step is to put in a new roof. It's time, that's for sure... We've been here 25+ years without doing the roof. But there are things we didn't think of, obvious things. There is no real ceiling in the attic. Today they removed the old roof. Tomorrow they will begin putting a new roof up. But as I type this (on my Nexus, the computer and other important stuff are in the attic), the attic is open to the skies. There are no shingles.... There is no ceiling... Just sky, wooden slats, and plenty of room for squirrels to come in and attack us in the night. Plus the attic is covered in the leftovers of a day spent tearing up the roof. 



God, I loathe renovations! But all for the best, right? Hope it works out with the squirrels (and otherwise).

Steven Rubio

I should add that when I checked this morning, I saw that the workers had done an excellent job of cleaning up the attic.


Never underestimate the villainy of squirrels.


Steven Rubio

Thanks, Phil, I needed that.

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