day one/two of our trip

it's tuesday night in ronda, i don't know when that is for you

We slept through breakfast this morning, and thus missed our first José Maria repast. We stumbled out a little after 1:00, hoping to get some food before stuff shut down for siesta. The weather is uncharacteristically cool, and we don't really have clothes for that (it will be warm again tomorrow). Robin had some tortilla de patatas tapas and a couple of cafe con leches. I had a bocadillo con jamón serrano y queso. I also had a Fanta Limón. We walked into town and came back in time for a siesta. 

But siesta had to wait. José Maria made a big pan of paella... a lot of his family was here, his mother, two daughters, one grandson, one aunt, and we think one son-in-law. He invited Robin and I to join them, so we all sat down for some midday paella. It was an honor. I got to practice my Spanish with a whole family of Andalusians. Later, a lovely couple from the Netherlands who had just arrived at the hotel joined us, giving Robin a well-earned chat in English. Finally, José Maria's aunt talked to me about ways to find family in Estepona. 

Eventually we took a nap. As I type this, it is about 8:00 PM. I just woke up. When Robin awakes, we'll have to figure out how to brave the cold to get dinner. I expect this will be the last time on this trip that we have that particular worry. 

I'm typing at the blog website using José Maria's surprisingly useful wi-fi, via my Nexus. Don't know if I will be able to post very often in Nerja, but I should manage a daily post while we are here in Ronda. 

Here is Robin in the jardín with her new friend :

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