much ado about nothing (joss whedon, 2012)
it's tuesday night in ronda, i don't know when that is for you

day one/two of our trip

One of the oddities about traveling to Spain is that you lose a day. We left California on Sunday morning and now we're going to bed. But it's Monday night.

Flight to Paris was ok, but there's been flooding or something, so our plane sat on the runway for a long time, which meant our flight to Malaga was delayed. So we arrived late to our hotel in Ronda. My first shot at using Spanish came when we got lost in our rental car on the way to Ronda. We pulled into a gas station and I asked for directions. They weren't easy (go to the other side of the Burger King and turn left), but I understood them well enough to get us back on track. 

When we got off the plane in Malaga, we immediately got bocadillo con jamón and two Fanta Limons. Later in Ronda, I had two more Fantas. 

Finally to bed.