friday random ten, 1975 edition
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I’m not much for talking about my dreams. For one thing, by the time I get to posting to the blog, I’ve forgotten the dreams of the previous night. For another, I don’t think there’s much use in analyzing dreams for their subconscious truisms.

Having said that, I have fairly intense dreams almost every night. This hasn’t always been the case, and I suspect it relates to the number of meds I take for my various ailments. By “intense” I don’t mean that they are emotionally draining, but that they seem quite real when they are happening, and that feeling continues briefly when I awake.

In one of my dreams last night, my brother and I were attending an Earthquakes match. We were watching the match on delay, the way you will when you record a game on the DVR for later viewing. So there’s the first sign this was a dream, not reality: we were living as if our lives were DVR recordings. At some point, I started obsessing (in the dream) about the time difference between the match as it happened, and the match as we were watching it (again, not on TV, but at Buck Shaw Stadium, only on delay). I asked my brother, if it started raining at some point during the match, would it rain on us at the equivalent point in the match we were attending/watching-on-delay, or would it have already rained on us at the time the actual rain occurred? I said this was clearly an example of the space-time continuum.

Later, I had another dream when I dozed off while Robin was reading next to me. She says I was talking in my sleep. When I woke up, I immediately wanted to tell her about a new invention. Invention is the wrong word … maybe discovery is better. I was so taken with this that I looked it up online, certain that I had dreamed about something that already existed. But I was wrong. And so, for anyone who writes virus-ends-the-world fiction, I give you my dream invention/discovery:

The Mobius Virus.

This might actually be real, but I’m not going to spend all day trying to find out. My knowledge of cells and DNA and viruses is skimpy at best. In the dream, the Mobius virus twisted human DNA into a Mobius strip. For all I know, that’s how real-life DNA looks. But in the dream, and for a few minutes after I woke up, I felt I’d made a monumental discovery.