another year, another flag raising
shameless: season three finale



stfu indeed.

ding dong the witch is ...


I get the fu, but what's the st?

Steven Rubio

Shut The


I like the graffiti: "The Iron Lady? Rust in peace." Or, more directly: "Fuck you forever, Maggie."


I don't know, Steven--whatever you think of Thatcher (I tuned out of politics altogether during the Reagan/Thatcher years and have no feelings about her whatsoever), were you looking for Obama to issue a statement about how awful she was? Or to not say anything at all? I would think his options would be limited, even if he did feel an urgent need to get his real feelings about Margaret Thatcher into the public record. Which I doubt he did. (I'm not telling you anything you don't already know here.)

Steven Rubio

The sad-but-truest part of the above: "we carry on the work to which she dedicated her life."


I used to get into that argument all the time on the message board in 2009 and 2010. Eventually I withdrew.


I will actually do something quite rare here and disagree in public with Phil on a political point (this date might or might not be worth marking in your calendar). I give Obama a lot of slack about a lot of stuff he does and says (I think his critics are often unrealistic and self-congratulatory), but his statement about Thatcher actually kind of disgusted me as well, not because I was expecting some kind of critique, but because of how over the top it sounded. I don't know a lot about the fine details of Thatcher's reign, but I do know enough about her overriding philosophy to understand that, pretty much everything she was in favour of was in direct contravention to everything Obama and the Democratic party are (at least in theory) in favour of: unfettered and unregulated "free" markets, privatization of virtually all public utilities, anti-society, anti-union, the list goes on. Her insisting, for a long time, that Nelson Mandela was a terrorist should, in my books, be enough to disqualify her from sainthood.

In the 2008 Democratic primary, Obama took a lot of flack from the Clintons for some praise he gave to Reagan, but I thought his clarification of his praise made complete sense; he made it clear then that he was not praising Reagan's politics or his philosophy of government, but lauding his political skills and almost expressing a kind of awe at Reagan's transformative style. Had he expressed something similar about Thatcher, I'd have understood completely, but his statement does read like something much more than that. And truthfully, I just don't get where it comes from.


"one of the great champions of freedom and liberty" -- I just don't get why he had to put it that way, unless it's something he believes (which, though Steven may disagree, I personally find hard to believe, not that I suspect he places her in the same category as Hitler). Even the Obama-loving New Yorker dismantled that part of his statement with a piece about Thatcher's more than cozy relationship with Pinochet (hell, even Obama- AND Thatcher-adoring Andrew Sullivan didn't dispute that).


"not that I suspect he places her in the same category as Hitler" -- um, by "he" I mean Obama, not Steven.


I can see Scott's point...up to a point. I'd either forgotten the Mandela comment or didn't know about it in the first place--that's pretty bad. But I just think of the political fallout if he doesn't go through the motions; he spends the next two or three weeks dealing with this silly little protocol issue. I guess I just don't care about Margaret Thatcher enough to get upset.

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