what i watched last week
by request: bubba ho-tep (don coscarelli, 2002)

one month until opening day

Got our tickets for Opening Day. This will be my 34th consecutive opener, going back to 1980.

Last year’s worked out pretty well. I wrote at the time, “Giants pitcher Matt Cain retired the first 17 batters he faced. Then, improbably, the opposing team’s pitcher bounced a single into left field, ending the perfect game and the no-hitter. Cain proceeded to retire the final 10 Pirates he faced. Final totals: 9 innings, 11 strikeouts, one base runner, 28 batters faced. It was the best performance by a Giants pitcher since Jonathan Sanchez tossed a no-hitter back in 2009.”

Of course, later in the season, Cain threw the first perfect game in Giants history. Neal and Sonia were at that game. Neal was also with me on Opening Day, and I don’t think he’d been to a game between the opener and the perfecto. Which means after his first two games of 2012, he had seen Matt Cain face 55 batters and retire 54.