zero dark thirty, top gun, and me
zero dark thirty (kathryn bigelow, 2012)

happy birthday, online life!

I began this blog on January 6, 2002, so today marks the 11th birthday of my self-indulgent ramblings. That’s enough words to fill several books, but I’m way too lazy to write one of those. Instead, I give it all away for free to my dedicated readers, all 12 of you.

My first post carried no hints that this would last so long:

snapshot of life at the moment

OK, here goes. Tried installing MovableType yesterday ... I'm not good enough.

My chair has broken rollers. As I type this, the stereo is playing "Prisoner of Love" by Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra featuring Lena Horne. Robin is in the livingroom reading the Sunday paper and steaming to help her sinuses. Jillian's coming over tonight for dinner and DVD.

Some things don’t change, I suppose … last night, we ate dinner and watched a movie with Jillian (and Doug … he wasn’t around yet in 2002).

Here is the first photo I ever posted:

The first movie I wrote about was American Graffiti.