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what i watched last week

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (Stephen Chbosky, 2012). I’m enough out of the loop that I had never heard of the 1999 novel on which this film is based, despite it being a bestseller and touchstone for a generation of teenagers. So I knew nothing going in, other than my most-trusted AI system said I’d like it. I’m not usually a fan of movies about rich kids, although these kids were more upper-middle class. But since it was about outsiders, I didn’t spend all my time thinking they should quit whining. There are several winning performances, and the film felt true to the feelings of anguished youth. It didn’t come close to what Anna Paquin gave us in Margaret … on the other hand, that movie was a mess, while Wallflower knows what it is doing and gets it done. The insights aren’t much more than what you’d get from a good episode of My So-Called Life, but there’s nothing wrong with that. I’d like to say that someone asked me to see this and I was pleasantly surprised, except it was me who suggested it, so I take the credit or blame. Since our entire group liked it, I guess they’ll let me pick again sometime. 7/10.