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my xmas story

Last night (Xmas Eve), I was settling down to bed at my daughter’s house, where we were spending the night. I got out my Nexus 7 to look for something to listen to … I’ve had noise going while I slept since I was a kid, nowadays I use a “pillow speaker” (a small foam earphone) so Robin isn’t bothered by the sound. I found the app for the Internet radio I have at home. It’s a Squeezebox Radio, but Logitech has discontinued the line in favor of … well, I’m not sure, but they gave me the opportunity to upgrade the software on my Squeezebox to match the new thingie, which I did, about a week ago. I haven’t figured it all out, but I have an Android app for it on the Nexus and on my phone. I thought I’d use that app to access something to listen to, but when I started it up, I couldn’t hear anything.

When I was a kid, we’d take trips to Santa Cruz, a couple of hours from our house, and I never understood why we couldn’t hear the little AM station near our home … it always came in loud and clear, and I didn’t understand about how radio worked, I just assumed that particular channel came in wherever you were. I had a similar thought about the Internet radio, and laughed to myself. Of course I couldn’t hear anything … I was in Sacramento, trying to access the router in my attic in Berkeley.

So I switched to something that worked better, and forgot all about it.

We got home to Berkeley around 11:30 on Xmas morning. When we opened the door, we could hear voices talking very loud. It gave us a bit of a fright, but I quickly identified the noise as coming from … the Internet radio.

Turns out the app on my Nexus is actually a remote control for the radio. I was indeed able to get to the router in my attic. When I booted the app on my Nexus, and no sound came out, I cranked up the volume as high as it would go. Meanwhile, back in Berkeley, my actions had turned the radio on full blast, where it stayed for half a day, entertaining the cats, until we came home and shut it off.

Just more adventures in modern technology.


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