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who i side with

I went to the website and took their poll, the point of which is to tell you which candidate you side with. Here are the results … the first parenthesis tells the candidate’s party, the second tells the issues where the candidate most matches my own opinions:

  1. Jill Stein (Green): 94% (immigration, healthcare, foreign policy, economy, environment)
  2. Rocky Anderson (Justice): 77%
  3. Barack Obama (Democrat): 76% (social, science)
  4. Gary Johnson (Libertarian): 73% (domestic)
  5. Virgil Goode (Constitution): 7% (none)
  6. Mitt Romney (Republican): 3% (none)

Listed by party (not sure where Justice and Constitution went):

  1. Democratic: 93%
  2. Green: 91%
  3. Libertarian: 57%
  4. Republican: 0%

From this, I learn that I agree with the Democrats more than I agree with President Obama. I also learn the unsurprising fact that I don’t agree with Romney and the Republicans on anything. Jill Stein is the easy winner, and I think we can reduce this to the following: do I vote for the candidate with whom I most agree, or do I vote for Obama?

It’s interesting that I agree with Democrats and Greens pretty much equally. I’m not as much of an anti-Democrat as I pretend.

Here’s the thing, while noting that since I’m in California, my vote doesn’t really matter. Before I took this goofy poll, I assumed the basic question was to vote my opinion, or to vote for the “realistic” candidate. I also assumed that I’d agree with the Greens on most issues (I used to be a member of their party). But I thought that Obama and the Democrats would end up somewhere under 50% in terms of agreeing with me. That’s a real “my person or real person” question, and I might not see the point in voting for someone with whom I agree with less than half the time.

But I agree with Obama 3/4 of the time, and with the Democrats even more than I agree with the Greens. So the choice becomes, not between the best and the lesser-of-two-evils, but between the best and the pretty good. Since the dark side of this would be a Mitt Romney presidency, and since there is more difference in my mind (according to this extremely unscientific poll) between Obama and Romney than there is between Obama and Stein, it seems clear that President Obama should get my vote. Because such a vote wouldn’t be tied to the “lesser of two evils” strategy, but would instead be a vote for someone I like quite a bit.

I wouldn’t have expected this.