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And so another World Series begins.

I don’t have much to add to the onslaught of opinion out there. Most analysts seem to think the Tigers will win it, and I agree (although Joe Sheehan’s pretty smart, and he’s got the Giants in six). I think the Giants have made a couple of puzzling roster moves for the Series. Or rather, they haven’t made any moves … the Series roster remains the same as the one in the NLCS.

Which means Mota returns, and I really don’t get that one. Mota has made three appearances in the post-season this year. In the first, he faced two batters, giving up a leadoff single before striking out a batter. In the second, he entered in a blowout and snuck a strikeout between giving up a single, a double, and a triple. In the third, he gave up two runs in 2/3 IP. But it’s not just his poor performance so far … that could just be an example of Small Sample Size. It’s that he isn’t necessary. He is a righty reliever on a roster that already has Romo, Casilla, Kontos, and even Lincecum, along with three good lefties, at least one of whom gets righties out, as well. That makes Mota either the #4 righty reliever, or the #7 reliever, or the #12 pitcher. Even given Bochy’s love of bringing in lots of relievers, there is no need for a 12th pitcher.

And we can ignore Melky Cabrera, since he never had a chance to make the team, but the Giants will need a DH for 2/3 games in the Series, and their choices mostly suck, but the best choice might be Hector Sanchez (gulp), which means Eli Whiteside would make a lot more sense than Guillermo Mota.

Well, whattya gonna do. In the end, the single most important decision yet made is giving Matt Cain only one start and Ryan Vogelsong two. Vogey’s been crucial, but he is not as good as Matt Cain, the team’s ace. The rotation could be finagled to get Cain into Game Seven, but as of this writing, that’s not gonna happen. Which is a mistake.

Still, if Joe Sheehan is right, the Giants will have won it before Game Seven happens. By my calculations, that means the Giants will win every game not started by Justin Verlander. Even if the Giants win it all, I don’t expect them to beat Verlander today. So if you wake up in the morning and the Giants are up, one game to none, go put some money on SF. Heck, given the odds, the Giants are already a good bet … yes, they should be an underdog, but the odds are too heavy in Detroit’s favor.