thank you, brian sabean
desfile de la victoria


Steve Hammond

And a couple of years from now, he will trade away somebody, the team will go into a massive tailspin and you'll be heating up the tar and getting barrels of feathers for him, yet again


Steven Rubio

Why wait a couple of years? I'm sure he'll do something like that this coming off-season. May I suggest Marco Scutaro, two years, $16 million?

There's a good article today on the Prospectus site ... lots of sabermetric types are lining up to praise, or at least attempt to figure out, Sabean.

The author lists the good and bad of the Sabean Era, then gets opinions from experts in human behavior, trying to figure out, not just what makes Sabean successful, but why some of us have a hard time accepting that. A lot of the responses boil down to, "once we get an opinion, we're loathe to change it, and Sabean ticked a lot of us off at the beginning of his tenure". He doesn't claim Sabean is a great GM ... more a middle-of-the-pack guy ... but it's probably fair to say that Sabean's learned certain things over the years, that he's not the same GM he was when he arrived, and that us haters are a few steps behind in that we're locked into our first impressions.

The article also tries to figure out if there's something in Sabes' personality that rubs us wrong, and that's funny, because he comes across as a real baseball lover, but it's true, he can be prickly when he's not just blending into the woodwork. He doesn't make a big show of himself, and would likely prefer to never do interviews. But he does them, and once in awhile, his frustrations show ... and that's when people like me become the Lunatic Fringe.

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