when the germans bombed pearl harbor
i have other things i'm supposed to be doing

campbell’s soup can

When writer Mark Evanier needs to take a short break from his fine blog, News from Me, due to outside work, he posts a picture of a can of Campbell’s soup.

Meanwhile, political scientist Jonathan Bernstein’s blog, A plain blog about politics, has gotten a lot of attention in his field over the past couple of years, and now you can see his writing popping up all over the place (besides his blog, I often find him on Salon). Jonathan writes a lot … his blog usually gets multiple posts per day, and there are the aforementioned other places, so he’s a busy guy.

He is also a Giants fan. Today he apologized for the “slow blogging”, and mentioned that he had an eye on the Giants game.

Me, I can barely look at the TV when the Reds are batting, which gives me a moment to write this. I could be writing something about the Giants, or I could be writing something about Corin Tucker, who I will be seeing this evening. But I’m just gonna toss out a virtual Campbell’s soup can and apologize for the slow blogging.