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blast from the past: wedding expenses

It’s Robin’s birthday!

wedding money

This is a list Robin made before we got married in 1973, itemizing expenses. She can give the details … her dad gave her money for school (she was going to Cal at the time) and added a bit for the wedding. She was expected to take care of both school and wedding with the money. It was an inexpensive wedding, even in 1973 dollars. She saved money by making her own wedding dress (and my wedding shirt). We got married by a friend who was a judge, in a public park, so no expenses there. There is no record of how close we came to the budget she laid out here.


Steve Hammond

As we are planning Kate's wedding in two weeks, I say "Splurge and have the cookies!"


Steven Rubio

Congrats on the wedding! If you're a little short, we've got $5 left over from our own wedding. Be happy to send it along to you!


This is wonderful!

Steven Rubio

Hey Ryan! Another thing we dug up some time ago is the receipt from the motel where we spent our honeymoon. Two nights, total cost $34.65.

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