by request: purgatory (uli edel, 1999)
blast from the past: ship to california

the mindy project, series premiere

Who says I don’t watch sitcoms? OK, I do. I watched this because I felt like giving Mindy Kaling a chance. I liked her on The Office back when I watched it, and it seems like a good idea to support the kind of diversity on television that Kaling helps represent.

The Mindy Project was OK. I’m not sure I laughed at all, but it was pleasant, rather like Girls only Kaling goes easier on herself than Lena Dunham does with her alter ego. What it really reminded me of, though, was Zooey Deschanel’s New Girl. Being a big fan of Zooey’s, I tuned in to the premiere of that series when it popped up last season. I’m not sure I laughed at all, but it was pleasant. I didn’t make it to the end of the pilot, though, because even as I watched it, I could tell I wasn’t going to stick with it for very long, and if that was the case, why not just save myself the trouble of having ten episodes backed up on the DVR. I never watched it again.

I made it through the entire pilot of The Mindy Project. I have the DVR set up to record the series. But I already have the feeling I’ll never watch it again. Don’t take this as an evaluation of the show … it’s just me and my taste preferences. I seriously hope Kaling has a big hit on her hands.