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first thoughts on the truth about love

Pink’s new album is out today. I preordered, and just listened to it for the first time. I’m not big on lyrics during early listens … a song appeals to me at first for its sound. The Truth About Love starts off with a big beat, leading to a catchy opener, “All We Are We Are”:

Then there’s “True Love” (“You’re an asshole, but I love you” … that’s a lyric even I’ll notice), and the title track, which sounds a bit like if Wild Flag made a Go-Gos song:

Pink’s albums always surprise, because they were never quite like the ones before. On first listen, The Truth About Love isn’t such a leap. At various times, it sounds like all of her previous work. But she’s far from stale, and her take about modern love is as tough as you’d expect from someone who wrote a great kiss-off song and then got the jilted lover to play himself in the video. They’re married now, with a kid, but songs like “The Truth About Love” peel back the happy layers to show the rough spots underneath. Pink sings with such confidence in songs such as “Slut Like You” that it’s infectious. I look forward to getting to know this album better, and I can’t wait for the tour.


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