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I’m not a big Olympics guy, but I watch some of the soccer matches. So this morning, I checked out the U.S. women against France. I found the announcing interesting. Arlo White, in my opinion, is one of the best soccer play-by-play announcers in the country (he’s English, but has done MLS for a few years and now does national games as well). He gets a lot of information to the viewer, and he doesn’t leave a lot of dead air. He might be best as a solo announcer. But he’s got Brandi Chastain with him. Brandi’s fine; like many athletes, I think she’s a bit better the further she gets from her own playing career (fewer “when I played with her” stories). And she clearly had points she wanted to make. But it was hard for her to get a word in … White kept stepping on her comments.

It will take a few games for them to develop teamwork, and I’m not making any big claims after one match. There was nothing hostile about White’s approach … like I say, he just does a lot of the talking, himself. But there was a subtext, where we’re watching the women play, and the woman in the booth doesn’t get to talk much because the man is jabbering away. If White wasn’t good, I’d be pissed, but instead, I think they just need to work together a bit more.

And that was the end of my Olympic watching for the day. I did watch the Giants game, and then later I saw the MLS-Chelsea All-Star game (got to practice my Spanish for that one). And I saw this, about, oh, half a dozen times. Today. As I do every day I watch the Giants. Half a dozen. Every game.