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music friday: lynyrd skynyrd, “free bird”

boys and their toys: samsung galaxy s iii

It’s a bit awkward when the thing you most want for your birthday doesn’t become available until the following month. But when the present arrives, it’s just as nice! And so, today, my new Samsung Galaxy S III came.

I guess we’ve become a Samsung Galaxy family. I’ve had the first edition for a couple of years (called the Epic 4G in the Sprint version), and recently, Robin got a Galaxy S II. The latest and greatest (at least for a week or two), the S III runs … well, if you understand smart phone crap, you’ve probably already heard of the phone, and if you don’t care about that crap, there’s no use wasting time here. Suffice to say that it has a bigger screen than my previous phone, and is longer and wider, but it doesn’t seem to weigh any more, because there is no pullout keyboard.

It’s funny, one reason I got that Epic 4G was because I wanted a “real” keyboard. But I rarely used it … Android phones have something called Swype that works very well on the “pretend” keyboard, so I no longer want the extra weight of the real. One result is that, within minutes of taking the new phone out of the box, my old phone looked like an old rock, thick, short, kinda ugly. Of course, when I got the 4G, it replaced my Palm Pre, and that Pre, which was the pride of my techie life at the time, instantly looked like an old rock, so there you go.

I need more than a few hours to have any sort of opinion about the Galaxy S III, outside of it looks nice, and it’s way cooler than my last phone (which was cool itself just a couple of years ago). Eventually, I’ll have time to enjoy the added power of the phone, the improved camera, the better screen resolution, and the newer version of the Android software (Ice Cream Sandwich … isn’t Google precious with their names?).

If anything, this is an advertisement for Sprint. I don’t think they have the best coverage, but the truth is, I rarely use my phone to actually talk to someone. And Sprint is the only carrier left that offers real unlimited data plans, which means I’m not changing carriers anytime soon.