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what a difference 39 years makes

Before we left for home, Robin and I made a stop in Capitola. We walked on the beach, got our feet wet and sandy, and the proceeded to walk along the Esplanade so Robin could get a cupcake for the road. We approached the location where we had eaten Mexican food on our honeymoon. Both of us thought the place had closed down long ago, but we were wrong. The sign on the window of El Toro Bravo said closed, but the door was open. I looked in, and a woman asked if I needed help. I told we ate there 39 years ago on our honeymoon. She told us to come on in and get something to eat, it was time to open, anyway.

I remembered a picture I’d taken of Robin back in ‘73 … Robin knew which one I meant. And then, praise Google, I realized I might have a copy of that picture somewhere on Google+. I looked around on my phone, and found it! When the woman came with our food, I showed it to her … she seemed like the owner of the place, and she talked a bit about how the décor had changed over the years. She was quite excited.

Here is that photo, taken on our honeymoon, probably May 27, 1973:

honeymoon mexican

And here she was, earlier this morning, at the same place, 39 years later: