happy birthday, neal!
music friday: donna summer, “protection”


G+ aficionados like to talk about the depth of their conversations, and the point is often made that a judicious use of circles means you don’t necessarily know everyone you follow on G+, but you likely share interests, since that is the reason you place people in circles to begin with. I have 19 circles at present (if I was diligent, I could clean them up a bit and end up with around 15). Several are included in “Your Circles”, a concept I only recently understood. (I often post things meant for family and friends, rather than the public, and I would painstakingly add each family/friend circle, six of the nineteen, to those posts. But I can define “Your Circles” to mean those six family/friend circles, making my life easier.) Then there are the many circles devoted to a particular topic: technology, music, film, TV, and so on.

Lately, though, I’ve begun adding entire circles from other users. This is a quick-and-easy way to find new perspectives, and I’ve gotten a lot of good reading from these circles, although there is a tendency to quickly fill up the primary stream of posts. In the process, I’ve found that many posts concern marketing.

It is common to promote your work on G+. Hell, I do it myself, every time I cross-post something from my blog. And those aren’t the things I mean here. I’m talking about people talking about marketing: how to do it, how to maximize the online social presence of your business, where the next money is to be made. All viable topics for discussion, but not what I expect to see.

I can just selectively un-circle folks whose main interest is marketing. But, as I add more people I don’t know to my circles via circle sharing, I find more and more “marketers” in my news stream. I guess I’m just drawing attention to my own naiveté, but I’m surprised that this is true. It appears I am idealistic about Google Plus, and, of course, by “idealistic” I mean “my ideals”, not anyone else’s. I just forget sometimes that among many things, the Internet is a place where people market themselves for ultimate profit. It’s like realizing there’s an entire subculture going on underneath the surface that you know nothing about, except in this case, I am the one under the surface, while marketing exists happily above ground.