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what i watched last week

Slim pickings once again … over the course of the 12-day stretch ending tomorrow, I’ve attended three baseball games and two concerts. I did manage to get one movie in, though.

Tiny Furniture (Lena Dunham, 2010). Much of what I said about Dunham’s new HBO series, Girls, applies here as well. As I noted, “while it looked like an improvisational film made by friends for friends, [Tiny Furniture] was scripted, and the photography in particular was almost always perfect.” Cinematographer Jody Lee Lipes shot using a Canon EOS 7D, and I can’t say I know much about that camera, except you can buy it on Amazon for under $1400, and even on Blu-ray, the picture was stunning (and the sucker weighs just a hair over 5 pounds!). Dunham has an eye for how a frame should look, and perhaps it goes without saying now that she can write. Based on this film and Girls, it seems Dunham has a fairly narrow range to draw upon, but in this, she’s not a lot different from Woody Allen, who she clearly admires and whose “New York” pictures similarly have a narrow but illuminating focus. Dunham’s focus (white women in their 20s, just out of college, living in the big city, barely employed, feeling entitled even as the economy won’t allow it) will irritate a lot of viewers, I’m sure. But Dunham is a refreshing new talent, and for me, at least, she hasn’t worn out her welcome. 7/10, although that’s a rating that might change a few years from now, when we have a better sense of where Dunham’s career is going. [Ed. note: I wrote the above just before the big hubbub began over Girls. Turns out Dunham did irritate a lot of viewers.]


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