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Google has introduced “Account Activity”, “a new feature in your Google Account. If you sign up, each month we’ll send you a link to a password-protected report with insights into your signed-in use of Google services.” People who are freaked out about how deeply Google has insinuated itself into our lives surely hate the very idea of Account Activity (at least the default setting is opt-out). Me, I love learning what abstract data calculations tell me about myself, so of course, I opted in, and soon afterwards, I got my first report. The highlights:

Over the past month, I have sent 110 emails to 33 contacts from my primary Gmail account, and received 760 from 206 contacts. The #1 recipient of my emails is my wife, who got more than 1/3 of my emails (the four people who reached double-digits in emails received: my wife, my nephew, and my friends Doug and Jillian).

I made 585 Google searches for the month. The most common query was “best movie under 90 minutes” (clearly, I’m looking for the next Booty Call). More embarrassing, although unsurprising, was my third-most common search: “steven rubio”. Yes, I search my own name on a regular basis, despite the fact I also have a Google Alert setup for anytime my name shows up. 84% of my searches were for the web as a whole, 9% for images. I don’t know what the other 7% could be.

And this is the most popular video I uploaded to YouTube, over the past month: