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what’s next

I only have a few more movies to go in my Facebook Fave Fifty posts. One thing I’ve realized as I repost those pieces is that I miss doing them. Yes, I have a weekly roundup of films I’ve watched, and I’m trying to stretch out a bit on at least one a week, but I wouldn’t mind doing something specific. I’d intend it to be a once-a-week thing, with no pressure if I miss a week or do two in three days.

I thought of a few themes. I could work on one of the many lists at I Check Movies. But I am too far from finishing any of them. For example, I often site the They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They lists of the Top 1000 films of all time and the Top 250 films of the 21st century. But it was only last week that I passed the halfway mark on the former (I’ve seen 507 of the 1013 films on the list), and while I’m doing a little better with the 21st century, I’ve still only seen 161 out of 250. The idea of trying to watch 89 movies, some of which are likely impossible to find, is beyond even my level of obsessive-compulsion.

My best chance at finishing a list would be one of the American Film Institute’s selections. I’ve seen 95 of 100 on their “100 years … 100 movies” list, and 95/100 as well for their “100 years … 100 thrills” list. On the other hand, if I wanted to just watch movies 24 hours a day until I died, I could try to complete Jonathan Rosenbaum’s Essential Films … there are 1018, I’ve seen 236, so only 782 to go!

What I will probably do is Fave Fifty, Honorable Mention. When I made that list of 50, I started with a long, long list. I trimmed it, and I trimmed it some more, until I got it down to 79. Those last cuts are all favorites of mine … they just didn’t make the final list. So I could do Fave 51-79, which would be a lot more viable, and which would guarantee I liked all of the movies. On the other hand, I’ve seen them already, so maybe I should try a list of films I haven’t seen. Movielens has a list of “The five most often rated movies that you have not rated.” Many of them I’ve seen, but in that long period before I got crazy about rating everything I saw. That list would give me a chance to see the favorite films of others, that I missed for whatever reason. Except there are reasons why I never saw Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, so that’s a dead end, too … why subject myself to watching Waterworld?