#9: a streetcar named desire (elia kazan, 1951)
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streaming revolution

Perhaps a time line is in order. In 1968, a pro-hippie documentary called Revolution was released. The film was largely unseen, but its soundtrack, featuring the Steve Miller Band, Quicksilver Messenger Service, and Mother Earth, all making their recording debuts, was a big hit with the underground radio crowd, and is quite the cult item to this day.

In 2003, I saw the film for the first time (it aired at 4:15 in the morning on Showtime), and wrote about it here.

Three years later, that blog post got its first comments, from people wondering where to get the film and/or the soundtrack. I noted that I had hunted down a low-fi copy of the movie at a website devoted to such things, and that the soundtrack, while never released on CD, could be found in MP3s if you looked hard enough.

In 2007, I was floored when the star of Revolution, Today Malone, left a comment, as did “Kathy Ebright” (now known professionally as Kathleen Tarp). (I confess that, to this day, Malone’s comment is my second-favorite “famous person wandered over to my blog” comment of all time, just ahead of Jimmy Iovine and just below Michael Tolkin.)

As recently as 2010, a comment was left by someone who lived with Today when the film was being made.

Meanwhile, back in ‘07, I had a brief email exchange with Tarp, who was good friends with Malone (Today, whose “real” name is Louise, also tossed in a comment).

So, why am I reliving all of this? Because I noticed that Netflix now has Revolution available for streaming!

It is not a great movie. But if you, like me, have always had a soft spot in your heart for the film, and especially if you have never seen it, I highly recommend checking it out if you have Netflix.


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