what i watched last week
downton abbey, season two finale

jim o’donnell

My primary extra-curricular activity in junior high and high school was acting. I probably spent as much time in high school on stage with Jim O’Donnell as I did with anyone. In this picture, Jim is front and left, gesturing … that’s me in the back with the goofy grin:


Last summer we met up at a class reunion. From left to right, this is our friend Bob, Jim, me, and Robin (picture taken by Joe Faletti):

bob jim steven robin 2011

Jim passed away this morning.

Back in 1980, when Robin and I did our “five Bruce concerts in three cities in seven days” tour, we stayed at Jim’s house for the LA part of the tour. Jim went with us to one of the shows. Bruce sang “Promised Land” that night: “Mister, I ain’t a boy, no I’m a man, and I believe in a promised land.”