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hbo dramas

Nerve has a list of 15 HBO dramas, ranked from 15th to 1st. After I eliminate the three I never watched (John from Cincinnati, Carnivale, and In Treatment), I’m left with my own list of twelve, which I present here without comment (since I’ve written a billion words about most of these shows on this blog already).

  1. The Wire (#1 on the Nerve list)
  2. Deadwood (#5)
  3. The Sopranos (#2)
  4. Treme (#13)
  5. Rome (#10)
  6. Game of Thrones (#6)
  7. Boardwalk Empire (#3)
  8. Six Feet Under (#7)
  9. Oz (#4)
  10. True Blood (#9)
  11. Big Love (#8)
  12. K Street (#15, i.e. last)

The biggest different in our rankings is Treme. I admit I’m always surprised to find that many critics don’t rank Treme as highly as I do. Nerve says it can be “pretty boring”. The show with the largest difference in the opposite direction is Oz, which they placed above Deadwood! I’d give Oz credit for being the first HBO drama, and it was indeed pretty good … there’s no shame in ranking below eight series as good as the above, and if you asked me again tomorrow, I might move it up one space.

Of the series that are still in production, Treme is unlikely to go any higher, since the Big 3 are set in some pretty strong stone. Game of Thrones could easily move up over time … if nothing else, another strong season would put it ahead of Rome, which was a bit more frivolous. Boardwalk Empire and True Blood seem to be about where they belong. But I liked all of these shows except K Street … HBO has a pretty good record in dramas. (And Luck has only been around for one episode, but based on that premiere, it’s somewhere in the middle of the pack.)

The most important thing, of course, is that The Wire is at the top. Any other choice would be silly.