what i watched last week
sons of anarchy, season four finale

state of play returns to bbc america

State of Play is a very fine BBC mini-series that ran for six episodes in 2003, then showed up on BBC America the next year. The recent Ben Affleck/Russell Crowe movie is based on this series. Some years ago, I wrote about the series, using the word “brilliant” three times in two short paragraphs. Here is the entirety of the second paragraph … I think these are the kind of spoilers that are allowable:

Perhaps my favorite scene comes when one character gets his teeth kicked in. The result is that he's a slobbering, drooling, pathetic fellow ... and when he has a scene with [Kelly] Macdonald, and he's all blood and saliva and she's all Glasgow, you can't understand a single word! Brilliant!

I love Kelly Macdonald, yet she’s probably only my third-favorite actor in State of Play, which also features the inevitably great Bill Nighy and the ever delectable Polly Walker. There are other actors you might recognize, but those three are enough to get my attention.

BBC America is re-running the series beginning Wednesday. You can get it on DVD, but if you get BBC America, this is an easy way to check it out. Highly recommended!


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