#33: do the right thing (spike lee, 1989)
occupy cal


Today we opened checking and savings accounts with Mechanics Bank. They are local; we found them via the Move Your Money web site.

I visit the inside of the local branch of my bank about once every decade. If I go there at all, it’s to use the ATM. If I have banking to take care of, I do it online. So I can’t really speak to the quality of the people who work for Bank of America or Wells Fargo, except to note that I’m sure they’re good people.

To open our new accounts, though, we had to actually enter the bank and sit down with a representative. In our case, it was a woman named Stephanie Rogers. It was a very good experience. She was so nice, and so helpful, that I finally decided she and her co-workers were aliens, who plotted to take over the world by convincing regular folks like us that they were nice, only to turn back into aliens the second we left the building. People would come in, and she would invariably greet them by name, even as she continued working on our accounts. Folks brought their dogs in while they did their banking. It was remarkable.

I can’t promise I’ll be back at the branch anytime soon … I’m still a person who does most of his banking online. But it was a pleasure to spend time with Stephanie at Mechanics Bank. We already feel like we’ve made a good choice.