#38: in the mood for love (wong kar-wai, 2000)
music friday: bohemian love pad

when in doubt, just quote tim goodman

In “No Laughing Matter -- Drama is Still King of the Small Screen”, Goodman praises Boardwalk Empire (“every episode ends with you wanting more – immediately”), Homeland (“one of the brightest lights in the freshman crop”), Sons of Anarchy (“delivers viscerally to an adoring audience”), The Walking Dead (“it’s about survival and what costs come from that. And yes, it’s about zombies.”), Boss (aw shit, am I finally gonna have to get Starz?), and Dexter (“trying – so far successfully – to prove that there’s more in the tank, that America’s favorite serial killer can tackle the meaning of faith in new and interesting ways”).

The real kicker is this:

These are all superb series – and all of them are currently on the air – a collective testament to the ongoing greatness of the televised drama. The feeling that this drama Renaissance is showing no signs of recession is only magnified when you realize just what isn’t currently on the air – Mad Men on AMC, Game of Thrones and Treme on HBO, Shameless and The Borgias on Showtime, and Justified on FX. That’s an embarrassment of riches which doesn’t even include the pending arrival of Luck on HBO and House of Lies on Showtime, two series with a lot of heat.


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