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music friday: bohemian love pad

Thirty years ago today, I went to a Pat Benatar concert and left before the headliner hit the stage.

I’ve never been a fan of Benatar. I only went to the show because the opening act was David Johansen. He played, the crowd didn’t like him, he finished his set, I went home.

I want to say Johansen was touring behind his album Here Comes the Night, but I might have my dates wrong. Whatever … I just wanted an excuse to play “Bohemian Love Pad”, which begins like this:

You know the cockroach traffic in here
It's got me drinkin' too much beer
But it ain't any worse than any major town
Broken records all over the floor
Who could ask for anything more?
Sent someone out to score and I'm gonna
Love you baby and
Drivin' you crazy
Is all I want to do
You act so bad
You drive me mad
You make-a me bad
In my Bohemian love pad
Oh baby, I love you so!

Might as well play around with Spotify. Here’s the lead track from that album, “She Loves Strangers”.


And what the heck … here’s the Dolls in 1973, doing “Pills” and “Trash”. The audio isn’t synced right, but that’s OK, the band sounds out of tune, anyway. And you get to hear David ask “How do you call your lover boy?” in German!