traveling with steven
#42: a hard day’s night (richard lester, 1964)

hawaii postscript

A quick recap:

It was hot and humid every day. I looked forward to coming back to the Bay Area, and sure enough, it was pleasantly cool when we arrived. But it had been raining, and the humidity was like 95%. Oh well.

Geckos crawl on the walls. This is supposed to be a good thing.

We saw Obama’s vacation home, the place where they filmed the pilot to Gilligan’s Island, and lots of mountainous forestry that looked like Lost.

And we went to a wine tasting at a yacht club.

Here’s a teaser photo … there’s a photo album on Google+ that is growing as I get more pix uploaded. This is Robin and I, with Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr on the other side of the fence, making out on the beach:

deborah and burt