#48: sid and nancy (alex cox, 1986)
two series premieres: person of interest, and prime suspect

the only concrete question

I decided that if one gave way once, there was no reason to stop. It seems that history has shown that I was right; nowadays it’s a free-for-all in killing. They are all carried away by a fury of killing and cannot do otherwise. …

[M]eanwhile, at least as far as I was concerned, I would refuse ever to concede a single argument, a single one, to this disgusting butchery. …

For a long time I have been ashamed, mortally ashamed, of having been – even at a distance, even with the best will in the world – a murderer in my turn. With time I have simply noticed that even those who are better than the rest cannot avoid killing or letting others be killed because it is in the logic of how they live and we cannot make a gesture in this world without taking the risk of bringing death. Yes, I have continued to feel ashamed, and I learned that we are all in the plague, and I have lost my peace of mind. I am still looking for it today, trying to understand all of them and not to be the mortal enemy of anybody. All I know is that one must do one’s best not to be a plague victim and this is the only thing that can give us hope of peace, or, failing that, a good death. …

All I can say is that on this earth there are pestilences and there are victims – and as far as possible one must refuse to be on the side of the pestilence. …

Can one be a saint without God: that is the only concrete question that I know today.

-- Albert Camus, The Plague



I just want you to know I have read this several times, both here and on Facebook. I keep thinking I will have something profound to share in response, and I never do, so I leave the page ....

But since I keep coming back to it, maybe I should just say what I think each time I read it:

I'm so very glad you posted it, I remain disgusted by the killing of Troy Davis, and like Camus, I am ashamed...

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