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Patrick Smith, from his “Ask the Pilot” column for today:

Pouring billions upon billions of dollars into the maw of the Security Industrial Complex, as I like to call it -- more cameras, fences, more weapons and high-tech surveillance -- does not necessarily make us safer. But it does put our liberties in peril, and it does make certain people, and certain industries, very, very wealthy. Follow the money, as they say. Airport security is a useful example of the greater legacy of 9/11: Its advertised effectiveness is minimal, yet it carries on with a huge budget and a lack of accountability. The public, meanwhile, more or less accepts this. As it did the Iraq war, et al.

As I see it, the real danger to the country isn't coming from the caves of Central Asia, but from our own stout refusal to act rationally, together with a willingness to accept almost anything in the name of security. …

In the long run, a healthier democracy is about the best tribute we could offer to those who perished 10 years ago.


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