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music friday: amber benson, “under your spell”

My brother David posted an Amber Benson song on Facebook/Spotify, and it got me thinking about “Once More, With Feeling”, the wonderful Buffy musical. When the episode first appeared, people were caught unawares by Benson’s singing talents. Her song was a love paean to Willow, that ended with one of the most obvious examples of lesbian cunnilingus to ever sneak past the network censors (as the song ends, Benson-as-Tara sings “you make me com-plete” as she levitates and Willow offers “encouragement” from just off screen).

The Buffy musical still holds up, but it doesn’t get to show up on YouTube. Which doesn’t stop people from doing their best. Here are just a few of the many videos people have created for “Under Your Spell.”

This comes closest to the original, mixing it with other episodes: