#49: tomorrow never dies (roger spottiswoode, 1997)
what i watched last week


I have little to say. I didn’t watch them, and haven’t seen most of the winners. I wish Emmy Rossum had gotten something for Shameless (even a nomination would have been nice). I’m glad Christina Hendricks was there. And it was great that Margo Martindale won for Justified.

That’s what I would take away from the awards: those of you who play catch-up a year later by renting TV series should do yourself a favor and latch onto Justified (there have been two seasons, the second, with Martindale, isn’t out yet, I imagine, but you can watch Season One while you wait) and Lights Out (I don’t think this got any nominations, and it’s already been cancelled, but that means you can have a Lights Out Marathon Weekend and watch all 13 episodes).